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Please be as complete and accurate as you can. All estimated values given on trade-ins are based on the accuracy of your description of your vehicle. Before a guaranteed value is given, a final physical inspection of the vehicle must be performed by our appraiser. So, just tell it like it is and we'll do the same.
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Please Note
Please be aware, only a qualified representative from a dealership can appraise the current market value of your vehicle. The information you have provided will be used as a guide so we may give you a range of the value of your vehicle. The accuracy of our pre-inspection appraisal will only be as good as your description of the vehicle above.
As you know, vehicles have book values, a wholesale and retail. As a dealer, we use the wholesale side of the book in order to sell the car competitively. You of course can get more for your car selling it retail. Since we sell new cars at a discount, we don't have the regular 'haggle' factor built into the MSRP of the vehicle. You can find wholesale/retail book values of used cars at www.kbb.com. We have nothing to hide, just trying to be as upfront as possible.
Your vehicle will still need to be properly physically inspected by our appraiser before a guaranteed value can be assigned. Should any of the above descriptions be less than accurate, the actual value may be less than what was originally estimated. We aren't trying to hook you by over-estimating your trade-in value, then when you show up smacking you between the eyes with a lowball offer. Again, just trying to be as upfront as possible.
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